Robotics Projects


Project Name: LAN of Collaborative Robots with Human Interface
Resources Used: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Traxster Robot Platform, Visual C#
Team Members: Ron Denny, Jim Gear, Tim Lopez, and Ty Pankretz.


Project Name: Multibot
Resources Used: Parallax Java IDE, Parallax Javelin Stamp, Lobot Jr. Platform
Project Notes: Based on IDMARS' Dancing Robots. Designed to provide a diversity of functions on a single robot. Developed at IDMARS Laboratory.


Project Name: Two-Wheeled Balancing Bot
Resources Used: Parallax BASIC IDE, Parallax BASIC Stamp, MX2125 Accelerometer
Project Notes: Inspired by Bot Mag's balancing robot. Code was developed for the Basic Stamp. Developed at IDMARS Laboratory.


Project Name: Laptop Robotic Platform
Resources Used: LabVIEW
Project Notes: Assisting graduate students, Mike Majedi and Behshad Ahmadi, with a robot platform being designed at IDMARS Laboratory. Joystick interface, motor control, and object avoidance designed in LabVIEW.

Game Development Projects


Project Name: Absolute Zero
Resources Used: Milkshape 3D, NetMercs CodeWeaver, Torque Game Engine
Project Notes: Absolute Zero was an FPS prototype using Torque Game Engine.
Primary Team Members: Dennis Paiz-Ramirez, Ron Denny, and Patrick Donnelly.


Digital Logic Projects


Project Name: Simulation of a Digital Base-Band Communications System with IF Carrier
Resources Used: MATLAB, Simulink, Xilinx System Generator for DSP
Project Notes: The main objective of this project was to utilize simulation tools for modeling a communications system that is comprised of several subsystems. Not long ago, it could take quite some time to prototype a single industrial product whereas today a concept can be simulated and tested thus yielding meaningful data as to whether a design is feasible for further research and/or development in hardware. This communications system was modeled in MATLAB's Simulink with Xilinx's System Generator for DSP. The communications system is comprised of encoder, scrambler, shaping filter, modulation with a carrier signal, and noise exhibited in the channel.